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Town & Country Developments Ltd
Town & Country Developments Ltd The Old Custom House  74 Lower Dock Street  NEWPORT, S. Wales NP20 1EH Telephone 01633 240206  Facsimile 01633 840360  Mobile 07770 947171

Services Premiership EcoLogical

can provide

Design Team –

Premiership Town and County Developments have surrounded ourselves with a forward thinking constantly modernising thought provoking design team of professional high standards – looking at new innovative products that are constantly being accredited throughout the construction industry.

We pride ourselves in being on top of all new ideas and


Project management –

Premiership Town and County Developments can assist in all matter relating to your design and build programmes, or indeed simply offer dedicated project management teams on behalf of clients.

Planning and Design –

Premiership Town and County Developments can offer you a one stop shop to plan design and submit your planning application’s to your relevant authorities naturally of course offering budgeting, project management and the build if required!
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